Is my furniture worth reupholstering?
In most cases it will be. If it has a good frame, is constructionally sturdy, has lasted for over 10 years, and is comfortable, then reupholstering is a good choice. It may also be of sentimental value or a family heirloom.

Is it cheaper to buy new furniture?
You get what you pay for! Reupholstery can cost as much as moderately priced new furniture. When comparing, make sure they are of similar quality and that the fabric is of a comparable quality. It is doubtful that you will find a new piece of similar quality to your old piece and if you do, the cost would be far greater than reupholstering. Beware of cheap new and sometimes off shore furniture. It is cheap because the fabric and the construction are cheap. Within a very short time you may well regret buying this cheap furniture.

Can I supply my own fabric?
Yes. We can work with your fabric, however, we will not offer any warranty, or be responsible for the condition or quality of your fabric. We take the utmost care to provide you with the best possible results with the fabric that you provide.

Do you supply fabric?
Yes. We have a large selection of basic to highly decorative designer fabric, leather and vinyl samples from leading fabric mills.

Which fabric should I use?
It depends on your needs. If you’re going to use the fabric for throw cushions, then light cotton should do the job. If you have heavy traffic on your furniture then a good quality fabric that is durable, will wear well and last. There is no right or wrong way in looking for fabric. It’s all about personal choice. Do you prefer patterns? What colors make you happy? What textures feel right to you? On the practical side; how durable do you need the fabric to be? On the maintenance side; how cleanable is the fabric? Does it show up dirt and lint or stains? Mid tone fabrics with patterns show less dirt than a light colored fabric. Dark colors will show dust and lint more easily, while solid fabric with no texture will show stains more easily. Ultimately the choice is yours. We will happily assist and advise you on choosing the fabric that suits your needs.

What is pattern matching?
All patterned fabrics have a repeated pattern down their lengths and match horizontally across their width. The interval at which a pattern is duplicated or repeated on a piece of fabric is known as the repeat. This is calculated from a point in one pattern to the same point in the next pattern. This means that all the cut lengths have to start at the same point in the pattern so that they match where they are joined.

Do you strip the furniture before you recover?
Absolutely. We strip the furniture to the frame. All woodwork, springs, fillings, webbing and padding are thoroughly checked before we begin the reupholstering process.

If you find broken framework do you repair it?
Yes. Not only does the frame give support to the inner parts of a chair and covering, but to the person sitting on it. A broken frame can cause injury to the person sitting on the chair. It is important that the frame is structurally sound. Before any upholstery work is done, we check the frame very carefully and notify you if a repair is needed.

What is involved in reupholstering of my furniture?
Briefly; we remove old covering and filling to the bare frame. We check the frame for motion and stability and if necessary replace worn joints or repair them. We inspect springs, webbing, etc. and replace if required. We retie coil springs, replace the fillings and padding with new if necessary. We trace, cut and sew fabric components and apply these to your frame. We add finishing trims and finally the finished product is inspected for quality and workmanship. If any additional costs are incurred you will be notified of your possible options and pricing.

Do you give quotes over the phone?
No. We cannot give you a quote over the phone. Unless we physically look examine the piece/pieces in question. You are welcome to book an estimate for us to come out, bring the piece/pieces in to our shop, or send a picture via e-mail: info@ashtonsupholstery.com

Do you repair woodwork?
Yes. We have a full operating shop, for refinishing, touch-up, clean up, wood replacement, and caning repairs etc.

How long does it take to reupholster?
On average, the turnaround time is two to three weeks. If unable to complete your project within this time period, you will have been informed, before the project is started.

My furniture still looks good, but the cushions are not as comfortable as I would like them to be. What can be done?
We frequently have customers telling us how the fabric on their furniture looks new, but the cushions are not holding their shape, and are no longer comfortable. Replacing your existing cushions is one of the easiest ways to bring life back to your furniture. There are a couple of options to replacing or repairing your cushions. We provide top quality, high density foam core cushions, down filled cushions, and top of the line spring-down cushions. Dacron wrap is a fiber wrap also used to bring back the new look and comfort of an older cushion.

Can I change the style of my furniture?
Absolutely. Depending on the frame, there are many modifications we can make to update the look of your furniture. Changing skirt lengths or removing them all together is a common alteration we perform. Tufting buttons may be added or removed. Changing the shape of the arms, legs, or upholstery style are just a few options you can choose to give your sofa or chair a new look and style.

Do you provide a pick-up and delivery service?
Yes, we do!

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