Why upholster? Why not just buy new furniture?

Why upholster? Why not just buy new?
 Oh yes, we sometimes do have some clients ask us before we took on their project. “Why upholster after all, while we can get cheaper new furniture?”

And my answer is, “You can get new furniture for cheaper, but in the end you get what you pay for. Reupholstering old and vintage furniture can cost as much as medium quality new furniture. But cheap modern furniture often shipped from overseas could be constructed with cheap worthless fabric, commonly known as pleather and I can guarantee that lives of such cheap furniture will only be short lived. But if you find furniture that is of the same quality as your current ones, and shares the same dignity as yours, I can assure you that the price will be higher than that of upholstering.”

Let’s determine if your piece of furniture is worth upholstering.

Age: How old is your furniture? The age of the piece is always a valuable determination point. If it is a sofa under 5 years old and you had got it off in a cheap sale, you might just as well go for a new sofa on sale or invest in a sturdy one of good quality. But if the piece has had a nice line of history to it, it certainly sounds like a gem. Holding on to furnishings passed on from generations is a value added choice.

Why upholster?

Comfort: You know that most cheap offshore furniture sold in the market today is dreadful and least ergonomic. Try shaking the sofa or chair a bit. If it wobbles or feels unsteady, it might not be a good choice to redress. If it is sturdy and feels comfortable to sit on, then we better take a look at choices of upholstering styles.

Structural problems and quality of wood: If the sofa or chair is made with cheap wood or compressed sawdust or cardboard, getting rid of it would make top drawer list. On the other hand, if the frame is built with hardwood, you have a strong base and restoring it would enrich its value again. The weight of the specimen might be taken into consideration too. Superior furniture normally weighs heavier than it looks.

Hand tied springs
Hand tied springs

Also take a look at the springs of you can. Quality seating furniture have coiled springs tied with twine in an asterisk pattern across the boards as opposed to rubber panels in cheap furniture in place of springs.

Sentiment: If it was your grandmother’s favourite arm chair or a nursing chair used for generations, there is no question of choice.

Environmental concern: Save your designated landfill from yet another sofa and reduce your carbon foot print! The earth will thank you!

If you still have questions or second thoughts about whether or not to upholster, call or walk in to Ashton’s. True appraisals are done by experts. We are professionals who have been in business for over 25 years and we can appraise your furniture and suggest your options.