What fabric is right for my restaurant? – Upholstering Commercial Properties

There is no shortage of choice today when it comes to interior decor or upholstering commercial properties, whether it is restaurants, offices or club and hotel lounges. Restaurants are tumbling over each other, each one striving to be better than the next. Every customer that walks into your restaurant has silently judged you for your decor and ambiance before being shown to his seat. The general atmosphere and decorative tones you have used have already made an impression on this client to decide future social and family gatherings at your food house even before he has tasted your mouth watering fares.

Hence it is very important the fabric you choose for your restaurant’s upholstery needs is alluring to a roving eye. The fabric here in conversation is used for pieces meant to be sat on by guests. Hence, picking out the right kind of upholstery fabric to complement the rest of the decorative aspects of your restaurant is a must.

Depending on the look of ambiance you are going for, there are a lot of types of fabrics you could potentially choose from. Let’s talk about a few possibilities…

Leather: If you are going for the most high end look, then leather is it. And leather has always been in, so have no fear of falling out. It’s fitting to assume that upholstering commercirestaurant leather upholsteryal furniture with leather would be quite expensive. Choices can be made from buffed, chrome tanned, foil, full grained, savage and pulled up leather. On the other hand, embossed, distressed, pigmented, semi aniline, suede and top grain leathers are trending in modern upholstery fashion.

Micro-fibres: Micro-fibres are soft knitted or woven fabrics, made mainly with acrylic, polyester, nylon or rayon. Micro-fibres are knitted or knotted in such a way that their woven structure automatically becomes waterproof, stain repellant and tends not to get soiled for long periods of time. Micro-fibres are popularly used in commercial upholstery for improved breathability, incomparable strength, ease of care and more alluring appearance.

Nano Polymer Coated: Fabrics are coated with nano polymers for improved usability, durability and functionality. Nano-sized chemicals are used on fabrics to contribute features like UV protection, anti-absorbance, reduction of static electricity and electrical conductivity, self Commercial upholstery microfibre–decontamination and antimicrobial properties.

Wyzenbeek Double Rub Count or Martindale Cycles: Rub tests are used on fabrics to test their levels of abrasion resistance. Fabrics used by Ashton’s for heavy duty installations are guaranteed to have passed at least 30000 double rubs by Wyzenbeek method or 40000 cycles using Martindale method. Both tests determine in addition to abrasion, seam slippage, stretch ability, strength, and usage.