Bold Living Room Designs That Make a Statement

Whether you use your living room for entertaining or just relaxing, I bet you are always inspired to keep the room warm, inviting and cozy, but chic and modern at the same time. The following few tips should help you personalize the most lived in room in your house, give it a fresh appeal, a bold look and channel it towards reflecting your lifestyle.

Custom upholstered sofas and chairs: Be it antique or modern, Butter Cream Living Roomupholster furniture with fabrics patterned to suit your individuality. Delightful floral patterns on pearl white fabric material from our suppliers, Kravet Fabrics, buttery walls that match the mood of the upholstered textile, custom blinds and shades well paired with the stony disposition of the fireplace, coffee table and side table matching the trims of the doorway, all line up to warm up a cozy family gathering. All it takes to complete this picture would be a crackling fire in that grate.

Get an audacious look like this heavenly white paradise: For some white is outlawed, forbidden when it comes to clothes or room décorWhite Living Room, but for some others, white is the only way to go.

Earthy accents like the wicker single seaters and wicker baskets in the far corner, custom shades and matching drapes on windows, all these strike a thriving balance with the white denim upholstery on these sofas.

While the splashes of blue look ever inviting, the plaid stone ochre area rug says, keep it clean! (Picture Courtesy: Home Bunch on Pinterest)

Turn heads with a striking three tone sofa set:

Nothing saysTwo tone living room you got it all like this straightforward functional couch set, a fresh look with a combination of sky blue and apple green right in the centre of your living room. Plenty of daylight streaming from the large windows give the room a pleasing summery look!

The Fabrics are from Robert Allen Designs and we are proud suppliers of their stunning creations!

Sit alone ottoman in the window corner: Although a loner in the corner, a masterfabrics-sitaloneottomanpiece like this, digital prints on brushed cotton from Master Fabrics, one of our favourite suppliers, will become the centerpiece for the decor of your dreams.

What fabric is right for my restaurant? – Upholstering Commercial Properties

There is no shortage of choice today when it comes to interior decor or upholstering commercial properties, whether it is restaurants, offices or club and hotel lounges. Restaurants are tumbling over each other, each one striving to be better than the next. Every customer that walks into your restaurant has silently judged you for your decor and ambiance before being shown to his seat. The general atmosphere and decorative tones you have used have already made an impression on this client to decide future social and family gatherings at your food house even before he has tasted your mouth watering fares.

Hence it is very important the fabric you choose for your restaurant’s upholstery needs is alluring to a roving eye. The fabric here in conversation is used for pieces meant to be sat on by guests. Hence, picking out the right kind of upholstery fabric to complement the rest of the decorative aspects of your restaurant is a must.

Depending on the look of ambiance you are going for, there are a lot of types of fabrics you could potentially choose from. Let’s talk about a few possibilities…

Leather: If you are going for the most high end look, then leather is it. And leather has always been in, so have no fear of falling out. It’s fitting to assume that upholstering commercirestaurant leather upholsteryal furniture with leather would be quite expensive. Choices can be made from buffed, chrome tanned, foil, full grained, savage and pulled up leather. On the other hand, embossed, distressed, pigmented, semi aniline, suede and top grain leathers are trending in modern upholstery fashion.

Micro-fibres: Micro-fibres are soft knitted or woven fabrics, made mainly with acrylic, polyester, nylon or rayon. Micro-fibres are knitted or knotted in such a way that their woven structure automatically becomes waterproof, stain repellant and tends not to get soiled for long periods of time. Micro-fibres are popularly used in commercial upholstery for improved breathability, incomparable strength, ease of care and more alluring appearance.

Nano Polymer Coated: Fabrics are coated with nano polymers for improved usability, durability and functionality. Nano-sized chemicals are used on fabrics to contribute features like UV protection, anti-absorbance, reduction of static electricity and electrical conductivity, self Commercial upholstery microfibre–decontamination and antimicrobial properties.

Wyzenbeek Double Rub Count or Martindale Cycles: Rub tests are used on fabrics to test their levels of abrasion resistance. Fabrics used by Ashton’s for heavy duty installations are guaranteed to have passed at least 30000 double rubs by Wyzenbeek method or 40000 cycles using Martindale method. Both tests determine in addition to abrasion, seam slippage, stretch ability, strength, and usage.

Modern Trends in Restaurant Designs.

Fashion and function go hand in hand to create and establish trends in restaurant designs. While consumers expect an instantaneous feeling of lovely ambience, it’s up to the restaurant owners to get their ducks in a row and provide clients with a schematic layout complete with eye to the detail.

In recent years we have been noticing that when upholstery fabrics in restaurants start looking dirty, the owners prefer restaurant booth designto replace them rather than have them cleaned. Modern fabrics of commercial use are designed and treated for high performance, hence they soil slowly and wear out much slower. Nano polymer coating on commercial fabrics make them not only water and oil repellant but also tend to be anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Nano coating also acts heavily as a stain guard thus making the fabric look new and glossy for a long time.

Thanks to these amazing new properties impacted by nano polymers, increasing their efficiency while keeping costs and maintenance low, they have become a great part of the modern trends in restaurant design and upholstery. Most fabrics with modern nano technology can also be transformed to heat and odor resistant, wrinkle free and UV protected.

Restaurant seating need to withstand incredible amounts of use and abuse. So modern upholstery trends are here to provide ease of seating with a wide array of fabrics and material. Microfibers and ultrafine fibers are woven into fabrics, the outcome is a fabric with ultra-functioning dense structure. Thus woven, it can create waterproof fabrics which enhance stain and soil guard properties by enabling spills to bead up and roll off before they soak up into the fabric.

 The double rub test is performed by placing fabric on a large table, a mechanical arm covered by a piece of cotton duck cloth is then passed back and forth on the fabric.
The double rub test is performed by placing fabric on a large table, a mechanical arm covered by a piece of cotton duck cloth is then passed back and forth on the fabric.

Double rubs are a must while keeping up with the trend. Double rubs are a standard of measurement of a fabric’s scratch and graze resistance. These fabrics go through a highly automated test called The Wyzenbeen Test, where a piece of cotton duck is stretched over a mechanical arm and passed back and forth over the test fabric in each direction. This action of passing the fabric back and forth once is called a single double rub. A tough fabric can withstand at least 5000 double rubs before starting to show some wear and tear. Fabrics that can stand 15,000 double rubs or more are considered for heavy duty commercial applications like hotels and restaurants.

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Why upholster? Why not just buy new furniture?

Why upholster? Why not just buy new?
 Oh yes, we sometimes do have some clients ask us before we took on their project. “Why upholster after all, while we can get cheaper new furniture?”

And my answer is, “You can get new furniture for cheaper, but in the end you get what you pay for. Reupholstering old and vintage furniture can cost as much as medium quality new furniture. But cheap modern furniture often shipped from overseas could be constructed with cheap worthless fabric, commonly known as pleather and I can guarantee that lives of such cheap furniture will only be short lived. But if you find furniture that is of the same quality as your current ones, and shares the same dignity as yours, I can assure you that the price will be higher than that of upholstering.”

Let’s determine if your piece of furniture is worth upholstering.

Age: How old is your furniture? The age of the piece is always a valuable determination point. If it is a sofa under 5 years old and you had got it off in a cheap sale, you might just as well go for a new sofa on sale or invest in a sturdy one of good quality. But if the piece has had a nice line of history to it, it certainly sounds like a gem. Holding on to furnishings passed on from generations is a value added choice.

Why upholster?

Comfort: You know that most cheap offshore furniture sold in the market today is dreadful and least ergonomic. Try shaking the sofa or chair a bit. If it wobbles or feels unsteady, it might not be a good choice to redress. If it is sturdy and feels comfortable to sit on, then we better take a look at choices of upholstering styles.

Structural problems and quality of wood: If the sofa or chair is made with cheap wood or compressed sawdust or cardboard, getting rid of it would make top drawer list. On the other hand, if the frame is built with hardwood, you have a strong base and restoring it would enrich its value again. The weight of the specimen might be taken into consideration too. Superior furniture normally weighs heavier than it looks.

Hand tied springs
Hand tied springs

Also take a look at the springs of you can. Quality seating furniture have coiled springs tied with twine in an asterisk pattern across the boards as opposed to rubber panels in cheap furniture in place of springs.

Sentiment: If it was your grandmother’s favourite arm chair or a nursing chair used for generations, there is no question of choice.

Environmental concern: Save your designated landfill from yet another sofa and reduce your carbon foot print! The earth will thank you!

If you still have questions or second thoughts about whether or not to upholster, call or walk in to Ashton’s. True appraisals are done by experts. We are professionals who have been in business for over 25 years and we can appraise your furniture and suggest your options.